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The "Struggle Switch" - An ACT Metaphor

I really enjoy using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with clients who are struggling with mood disorders like depression and anxiety or panic attacks, even OCD.

ACT gives us a way to work with the "difficult" emotions we often experience. When we notice we're having a negative emotion like depression, we can caught in a vicious cycle of thinking about our depression and having the depression get even bigger, or feeling angry with ourselves because we are noticing we're feeling depression. Then that can lead to us noticing we feel sad about noticing we feel angry about noticing that oh, we are noticing we're feeling depression again.

The solution is to quit struggling with the emotions and to let them come and go, mindfulness, being aware of our thoughts and feelings without becoming fused to them.

This little video called the struggle switch illustrates what I am talking about - and - if you can't do this on your own, maybe it's time to contact someone for some help - my clients and I use ACT to work through mood disorders and other struggles. Contact me at 678-798-8540 for more information.

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