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Telemental Health

what is it and how does it work?

Telemental Health can be a good option for some clients in a variety of situations and provide needed treatment where otherwise non-existent or challenging to access.

  • Greater Access: At times, clients live remotely and travel to a therapy office is limited

  • Cancellations/Sick: A client may be unable to attend an in-office session due to work, family issue or sickness and may need to access services


There are a few things both the therapist and the client need to do in order to ensure a therapeutic and ethical therapy experience:

  • Privacy: The space identified both on the therapist’s side and the client’s side should be private. Please be sure no one else can hear the conversation during your session.

  • Distractions: Your space should be free of noises that will be distracting during your session. It is encouraged to have where the camera is facing free of clutter and distractions. Maintain consistent lighting throughout the session. Turn off lights if there is a glare and close curtains to ensure privacy.

  • Clothing: Therapist should still treat this as a professional interaction and therefore wear professional attire, maintain eye contact and avoid other distractions.


Prior to the scheduled therapy session, please ensure to:

  • Prepare: Test the telemental health platform to ensure it is working properly. Therapist should inform the client regarding what to expect during the telehealth session. Send applicable information regarding which platform you will be using, how to download it and access it during session.

  • Consent documents: If this is the first session, therapist must review appropriate consent forms and ensure all signatures are obtained prior to beginning the telemental health session.

  • Emergency Service: As both the client and therapist will be accessing care from a distance, ensure both the therapist and client are aware of emergency services near them in case it is needed.