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Telemental Health

What Is It and How Does It Work?

Telemental Health can be a good option for some clients in a variety of situations. It can provide needed treatment when otherwise non-existent or challenging to access.

  • Greater Access: At times, clients live remotely, and traveling to a therapy office is difficult; 

  • Cancellations/Sick: A client may be unable to attend an in-office session due to work, family issues, or sickness, and may need to access services through Telemental Health.


There are a few things both the therapist and the client need to do in order to ensure a therapeutic and ethical therapy experience:

  • Privacy: The space identified both on the therapist’s side and the client’s side should be private. Please be sure no one else can hear the conversation during your session.

  • Distractions: Your space should be free of noises that will be distracting during your session.

  • Maintain consistent lighting throughout the session. Turn off lights if there is a glare and close curtains to ensure privacy.


Prior to the scheduled therapy session, please ensure to:

  • Prepare: Test the telemental health platform to ensure it is working properly. 

  • Emergency Service: As both the client and therapist will be accessing care from a distance, ensure both the therapist and client are aware of emergency services near them in case it is needed.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have questions, want to schedule with a therapist, or connect with a therapist for a free 20-minute consultation, please click on "Connect Now," and we will be in touch.

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