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Therapeutic Drumming
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When: 1st and 3rd Saturday Every Month (REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
When: 4pm-5pm 
Where: 836 Atlanta St Roswell, GA 30075
Who: Adults and Adolescents welcome
Cost: $25 per session
P: 678-834-9242

Life is an ebb and flow of rhythms, from sounding deafening at times to soothing and everything in between. When we are “out of rhythm,” our mental, physical and spiritual health can suffer. Therapeutic Drumming (TD) utilizes a group or individual format and does not require any previous knowledge or skill in drumming. A unique method, TD taps into our internal rhythmic state to revive its equilibrium. Through repetition in beats, drumming awakens every part of the brain to become synchronized, an unusual experience matched by a few other therapeutic approaches!


TD has a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to enhancing a mindful state, reducing stress and chronic pain, improving mood, encouraging creativity, strengthening your immune system, increasing self-confidence, enhancing leadership skills, and encouraging teamwork! TD is not limited to a group of people but can be helpful for various groups, including children and adults, individuals on the Autism Spectrum, individuals with Learning Disabilities, individuals with Neurocognitive Disorders, and those suffering from addictions, and chronic illnesses, anger, and depression. It can also facilitate Veterans in managing PTSD symptoms.


In every culture from around the world and throughout the span of history as we know it, music exists. Science is beginning to show the powerful effects of drumming on the brain’s function and, more specifically, the healing capacities of these rhythmic beats. Which makes sense, right? Our hearts beat to a certain rhythm, and when it becomes quicker or slower, we experience a change both emotionally and physically. Our whole being is a creation of rhythm, and it only makes sense that these beautiful rhythmic instruments can be used for healing purposes!


We offer a variety of services utilizing the West African Djembe drum including:

  • Clinical group therapy

  • Corporate team building

  • Workshops

  • Homeschool Co-Op classes

  • School Assemblies

What Do I Do Next?

If you have questions, want to schedule with a therapist, or connect with a therapist for a free 20-minute consultation, please click on "Connect Now," and we will be in touch.

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