Michelle Grunkemeyer, MS

The Clients I Work With

Michelle Grunkemeyer, LAPC

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My primary speciality is in working with people who have PTSD, developmental trauma (early childhood neglect and abuse) and trauma. My clients range in age from 14 to 70.

The clients I get to work with are brave, courageous, resilient, inventive, creative, tenacious, fierce and so much more. Their stories are filled with inspiration at how well they cope, survive and thrive. I am honored to be invited to accompany them as they work to live their lives more fully. I am inspired by their desire to have more. 

Additionally, I enjoying working with young people transitioning into adulthood and millennials.


Another passion I have and specialized training is working women with issues regarding childbearing (often having trauma histories) and trauma survivors.


I work as a parent coach since I have the lived experience of having raised a number of kids through their twenties as well as parent coaching training.


I also work with clients with mood disorders like depression, anxiety and phobias, and OCD and addictions. 

I have an additional special interest in working with clients who are entering the life transition of empty nest phase - finding meaning and purpose - and also all those "baby boomers."


My Specialities

People Struggling with Trauma Histories

I am often asked to accompany adults who have come upon a point in their lives where their histories, often filled with traumas, finally refuse to  accept limits to their abilities to live fully, freely and authentically – they say NO MORE.

They often come with stories of limits and terrible paralyzing fears that bear witness to what they have survived. I am honored to hear and accompany them as they tell the truths of what they’ve survived and how they survived. I am in awe and honor of the fact they are here, today, in front of me. Most have such functional lives. They are passionate parents, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, employers and employees, friends and spouses and partners even as they struggle.

I am inspired by the words restoration and transformation – it’s what I see my clients do, day in and day out


So, this may look like and is often labeled depression, anxiety, or PTSD. But I understand the effects of trauma and the coping skills developed to survive. I honor all the ways people have worked to be here, right now. My hope is to take those strengths and add to them along with adding flexibility, choices – you can make choices now. It’s part of what we discover together – where do you need freedom and flexibility.

Young People

With young people, many want more for their lives but don’t know what that means. So we work together to find what is important to them, their values, and then set goals and committed actions to help them move. It’s so exciting to see them accomplish those goals, whether it’s to clarify college or career changes, or to find meaningful relationships that satisfy their longings.

Women with Childbirth / Childrearing / Postpartum Issues

I also work with women in childbearing ages – if you know me, you know I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth and postpartum issues often referred to as PMADs (Perinatal or Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders.) I find it deeply satisfying to work with women who often times have trauma histories and births that intersect with trauma and the birth environment of the US today. I get to work with and witness women as they find their voices and truths.

Parent Coach

I work frequently with parents who desire to be good parents but feel stressed and isolated, especially in this time of COVID. The teen age years are difficult to navigate even more so no.

Older Adults / Life Transitions / Baby Boomers

Often I work with adults who find themselves feeling lost and confused as they have moved into a new phase of their life. I enjoy exploring how they want to approach this next season of their lives.


My Work Style

My friends, clients describe be as somewhat quiet, warm, authentic, and very intuitive, and that i have a rye sense of humor. 

Our beginning work is strength focused – what are those super powers you bring? What skills did they develop to survive the unsurvivable? Working together, we identify strengths and understand that we’ll use them to go on. I often will use assessments that identify their top five strengths, and their Meyer-Briggs identification and their attachment styles.

All this information is used to help formulate a treatment plan – clients’ goals and how to obtain them. We work collaboratively, but the client, you, sets the goals. I may help to clarify, but I practice “client-centered” therapy. We work to untangle lies and limits and fears to restore back to them the lives they were intended to have. And then they grow and transform into the best versions of themselves.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is vital to foster and is part of how we do the work. In addition to my skills in Brainspotting and EMDR, I consider myself an attachment focused therapist.


About Me

I have been married for over 30 years and have raised 4 kids through their mid twenties. I also still have school age kids at home. I am a voracious reader, especially science fiction. My favorite books are "The Martian" by Andy Weir and "The Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. I love cooking especially ethnic foods like Greek, Indian and Arabic. I am a life-long learner and look forward to taking college classes when I get older. I am described by my friends as quiet, intense, intuitive, a compassionate listener, a great problem solver. I have a rye sense of humor.


My Training

  • Brainspotting

  • EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

  • Attachment Focused EMDR

  • Somatic Tools Training

  • Attachment Work Training

  • Sand Tray (yes for adults)

  • ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • TF-CBT: Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • CPT: Cognitive Processing Therapy

  • Life Coaching 48 hour Training

  • Post graduate training in Gestalt Therapy

  • MS in Mental Health Counseling from University of Dayton

  • BS  in Computer Science Engineering with minors in Russian and Mathematics


My License
I am an Associate Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, license number APC006168. My Director is Rebekah Tchouta and My Supervisor is Diana Harris.


My Work History

  • Baobab Counseling Center, providing individual virtual and in-person/ appointments as well as beginning a number of group s that for this time will be facilitated virtually. I provide groups for a rage of ages and issues.

  • An Addiction IOP/PHP program again facilitation Acceptance and Commttiment groups, Traum groups and processing groups.

  • An Eating Disorder IOP/PHP providing trauma counseling in individual and group settings using  EMDR, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,

  • Life Coach for many years and currently.

  • A Community Mental Health in Dayton, OH working in a variety of positions including crisis counseling, hospital intake, residential treatment, and individual counseling.

  • Seven years in several large businesses including logistics at Wright Patterson Air Force Base as an Information Specialist, EDS supporting a GM account as a Systems Analyst, and NCR as an Information Specialist.