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Giving a Speech

Bridging the Gap Understanding Substance Use/abuse Amongst Our Youth

What can I do if my teen starts to use drugs or alcohol? How can I support my teen who has friends struggling with drugs or alcohol? What is the first step if my teen is using? What warning signs should I be aware of? How do I talk to my teen if I’m concerned about substance use? What are the most common substances used by teens?


If you or someone you know resonates with even one of these questions, attending or hosting one of our workshops might be just for you.

If you are a parent, teacher, coach, tutor, medical or mental health professional, mentor, friend—anyone who interacts with a teen—we feel confident in saying you will find guidance in attending one of our workshops.


From the perspective of the founder, Rebekah Tchouta: 

"Let me tell you a little about me and the journey that led me here. Over the past 15 years, I have worked with children and teens in a variety of capacities. During the last few years especially, I continue to find myself gravitating towards teens within both clinical and non-clinical settings. I love a challenge, and let’s face it, teens (and pre-teens) provide that plentifully! On a deeper level, though, I remember a little of what it was like to be a teen. The feeling of being lost, feeling trapped inside my own mind, and yet never knowing what I really wanted/needed. I remember being scared of the unknown; feeling the weight of the pressures around me and the pressures within me. I remember desperately wanting to reach out to those who loved me but, like a bad dream, never seeming to be able to move or speak. I remember the fear, the depression, the anxiety of what it meant to be me in a world of constant change. I truly believe all behaviors speak where words may not be present. Our children are trying to communicate."

These workshops are meant to be informative but also to be a safe space to bring up your concerns, fears, and challenges in communicating with your teen. We do not pretend to have all the right answers as this is an ever-evolving dilemma. We do know that there is power in listening and communicating.

Let us listen. Let us start a conversation.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have questions, want to schedule with a therapist, or connect with a therapist for a free 20-minute consultation, please click on "Connect Now," and we will be in touch.

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