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We Are Growing!

Your overall health is our top priority and we want to be a resource for you whether you are a current or former client. We are here to help.

Meet our new therapists!

Michelle and Candice are both passionate about partnering with individuals to feel empowered to work towards their goals, find healing and thrive! They each have a unique story which makes them a perfect fit for the right client. You can learn more about them in their bios on our website. Michelle and Candice will be offering upcoming groups and are available to provide excellent care to meet your needs. We specialized in areas such as:

  • Struggling with transition as a college student, new mom or retiring?

  • Finding it challenging to understand your identity as a young black person in the midst of a racially tense world?

  • A teen or an adult dealing with thoughts of harm, depression, anxiety and feeling stuck?

  • Tried all types of therapy approaches that have not worked and willing to try new and unique approaches?

  • Struggling as a parent and need guidance?

Baobab Counseling Center is dedicated to walking the journey of healing along side you. Feel free to reach out with any questions or just to say hi! We would love to hear from you!

Use the Contact Us to connect up now.

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