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Raven Jackson, LMSW
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Maintaining mental health and wellbeing can feel like an uphill battle but I truly believe it is attainable for everyone, sometimes we just need a devoted individual in our corner to walk with us along the path. As a therapist, I value the courage it takes to reach out for support during your most vulnerable seasons. Each life path is unique, which is why I aim to meet you where you are with warmth, empathy, and kindness. Through a strengths based perspective, I truly believe we all have what it takes to improve our quality of life. I aspire to partner with you to empower you with tools and techniques to cultivate self love, self compassion, and sustainable wellbeing. I enjoy helping clients unlearn negative core beliefs, manage stress and anxiety, reframe unhelpful thoughts, establish safety in their bodies, discover generational patterns, and more. In light of a mind, body, spirit approach, I also provide Brainspotting as another treatment modality. I honor the uniqueness and diversity of individuals and aim to draw from an array of approaches to customize a treatment modality that is unique to your needs and desires.


I am a Licensed Master’s level social worker with experience in both outpatient and inpatient settings, treating individuals with a wide range of presenting issues such as depression, family struggles, anxiety, trauma, self esteem issues, psychological disorders, and more. I received my Bachelor and Master of Social Work from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I am currently working towards full licensure as helping individuals master their wellbeing has always been a deeply fulfilling passion. 


 I value the ability to give voice and language to those aiming to understand how their past experiences impact their present. As a therapist, I aim to provide a safe, nurturing, and non judgemental space for you to feel seen, heard, and valued. The things we have experienced in our lives can often leave us feeling powerless but I aim to serve as a mirror, showing you the strength and resilience you already have inside to make meaningful transformations in your life.


I truly believe in the power of therapy and how impactful it can be in many aspects. I want to walk with you in your journey, cheering you on every step of the way so that you can take your power back and show up as your healthiest, happiest, most authentic self.  I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with you on your healing experience.


Please feel free to contact me at 470-431-3448 or email me


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