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Phone Numbers

988-direct mental health emergencies

211-Community assistance


Support Groups

►Pflag parent and youth support groups-

►Transparent USA (parent support)- ,

►Charis Books Trans and Friend-

►Gathered and Grounded Parent Support-

►Atlanta LGBTQ Youth-

►Gender Spectrum Online Groups-

►Athens Queer Collective Online Trans Support-

►Zebra Youth Coalition (FL)- 

►The Frederick Center (MD)-

Inclusive Sex Ed

►Spark Ed: sex ed resources, and resources to become a facilitator-

►Included, Inclusive Health Care by Planned Parenthood-

►Sex Etc.: Sex Ed info center for LGBTQ youth-

►ScarleTeen: Sex Ed for the real world- ,

►With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body

Transitions In Schools

►Gender Support and Gender Transition Plans (Schools in Transition, Appendix D, p. 51)

►The Student Gender Support Plan can be used to address various aspects of a transgender or genderexpansive student’s experiences at school. It is designed to ensure that the school, student and parents (when appropriate) are all on the same page and have shared expectations about how the specific, gender-based needs of the student will be met.

►The Student Gender Transition Plan focuses on the process a student will use to undergo a gender transition at school. It seeks to identify the various steps that will be taken as the student explicitly declares a shift in the manner in which they wish others to understand and recognize their gender.


GLSEN National School Climate Survey

Classroom Representation

GLSEN Educator Resources

Developing Inclusive Curriculum


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