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Spiritual Direction-What Is It?

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At Baobab Counseling Center, we believe in addressing the needs of the whole person:  mind, body and spirit.  Spiritual direction offers an opportunity to focus on the spirit component of the whole person by paying attention to spiritual movement within the life of an individual (directee). During each session, the director listens attentively and supports a directee to discover the spiritual dynamics at work. Directees choose the topic and direction of conversation while the spiritual director offers companionship on the journey.  A director may ask gentle questions or offer observations during a session to aid the directee to become increasingly aware of their spiritual connections.  Typically, spiritual direction occurs once monthly for one hour. 

Numerous reasons exist to pursue spiritual direction, such as deeper connection with the divine, questions about faith, desire to clarify beliefs, help discerning upcoming decisions, craft a spiritually intentional life, self-discovery, etc.  Though some of these topics might overlap a therapeutic relationship, spiritual direction focuses on topics through the lens of spirituality, as defined by the directee. To read more about reasons to pursue spiritual direction

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What Do I Do Next?

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