Young Adult 2 Week ACT Intensive Group

This group will teach Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills in a style that is accessible to young adults. There will be a mix of psycho-education, experiential and processing along with some work to be completed at home in between sessions. 

The group is appropriate for young people with mood disorders, adjustment disorders, social anxiety, struggles about going back to school in person, poor self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, COVID issues, lack of direction. A brief intake assessment for suitability of client and parent education will be required prior to acceptance into group. The group is not suitable for clients who are experiencing suicidal ideation or active substance abuse.

We will be meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two weeks beginning July 8th and running through July 17th from 1:00pm to 3:30pm (hey, no need to get up early!)

Day 1 – Creative Hopelessness and Identifying Values
Day 2 – Setting Goals: Putting Values into Action and Willingness / Allowing of Feelings
Day 3 – Defusing from Thoughts and Diffusing from Story
Day 4 – Self-as-Context and Self-Compassion
Day 5 – Pulling it All Together - Part 1
Day 6 - Pulling It All Together - part 2


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