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Wyndi Labrecque, Spiritual Director


Life is full of questions.  Who am I? Why am I here?  Is there something more to this life? Sometimes we need a companion to explore these and other questions.  At other times, we just need someone to listen to our story.  


My name is Wyndi Labrecque, and I am a trained spiritual director. I love to listen to others’ stories as they reflect on the questions and experiences of life.  These stories are sacred, as are the moments that form the story.  Just as we tend to the body and to the mind, we can tend to the spirit by creating space to pay attention to the deepest part of ourselves. 


Spiritual direction is an opportunity to explore personal spirituality, regardless of religious affiliation.  Whether you are wondering about the existence of a higher power, desiring to deepen your spirituality, or experiencing a crisis in your beliefs, spiritual direction offers a sacred space to wonder with a companion who will listen without judgment.


A typical spiritual direction relationship includes meeting for 60 minutes once a month.  Though each session unfolds uniquely, a directee can expect open-ended questions, quiet time for reflection, and attentive listening.

You can directly reach me by phone at (404) 446-0141 or by email here



20+ years of experience in church ministry

Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Larger Story

Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Richmont Graduate University

Currently Pursuing a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Direction, Richmont Graduate University

Member of Spiritual Directors International

What Do I Do Next?

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