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Naima Henderson, AMFT


Good day All!  I am Naima, pronounced Ny-ee-ma.  I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, who graduated from Savannah State University with my Bachelors in Sociology, minoring in Psychology then completed my Master’s at Capella University.  I combined my love for our society and how we interact with one another based on our lived experiences, cultures and mental wherewithal, with over a decade and a half of mental health professional experience to be culturally competent while addressing your needs. I believe while we may be respectively culturally different, we can all be respectfully part of the same race, the Human one.  When we can respect the cultural differences of one another, it is then, we achieve the optimum benefits and results of healthy interactions.  Culture spans ethnicity, ages, genders and so on.  My skills are rooted in helping you find solutions, change belief systems and values that no longer work for you, rewrite your narrative and embody the resilience that is within you.

I specialize in Couples, Families, Individuals: changing the narrative, the interaction patterns, focusing on the strength-based nature within and helping to achieve a new balance/homeostasis.  Within the scope all the groups of wonderful human beings I work with, includes a myriad of: ages, various cultures and ethnicities, gender, LGBTQIA+ populations, Divorcees, Non-traditional family types, not limited to step-parents and guardians, youth and adult life skill/life-cycle development challenges and Veterans.   As a culturally competent Psychotherapist, it is my goal, to simply, help you achieve yours… with T.L.C.

The trauma is our new Traversing

The life skills challenge is our new Learned Strength Conditioning

The communication issue is our new Concept Integration


Addressing your Couple, Family or Individual needs, wants and desires for change can’t be done without you.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have questions, want to schedule with a therapist or connect with a therapist for a free 20 minute consultation, please click on "Connect Now" and we will be in touch.

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